Our Customer Test Center

It is not always easy to answer: what furnace is the right choice for developing your new materials or new process?

CX-Induction Customer Test Center is equipped with industrial and R&D sizes high temperature furnaces. You can evaluate your advanced materials processing method(s) and better understand your detailed needs for the technology before purchasing a furnace. Tests are performed based on customer's specification requirements on process production parts or test parts at our facility. We will keep the whole testing records, samples and strict confidentiality to clients.

You can also get consult with our staff who have lots of experiences in carbon materials processing and technology.

Use of our Customer Test Center furnaces has been found helpful by several corporations in the Carbon Composites, Carbon Fibers, Graphene, Carbon Nanotubes, Lithium Battery Powders, Hardmetals and Carbides, Engineering Ceramics and Advanced Materials Industries.

Advantages that you can get through Customer Test center: • Process production samples or test samples on required process condition;
• Test your new materials;
• Fine adjustment of your processing parameters;
• Narrow down your criteria for furnace selection;
• Confirm the feasibility of your new projects.

Customer Test center can answer following questions: • Can you sinter (heat-treat) your product in a less expensive graphite hot zone furnace (in comparison to metallic hot zones)?
• What is the best atmosphere condition (Argon, Nitrogen, Vacuum,etc.) for your test sample?
• What is the optimum heating/cooling curve (heat-up time and schedule, soaking time and cooling time) for your test sample?
• What is the optimum sintering temperature and soaking time to achieve best density in your ceramic materials?
• What is the best Carbonization Process for your parts?
• What is the best Graphitization Process for your parts?
• How fast can you ramp or cool your production part or test part without thermal shock effects?