Question 4.Why we offer induction furnace

There are two kinds of 3000 °C furnace technology: resistance heating graphite furnace and induction heating graphite furnace.
Resistance heating graphite furnaces use machined graphite heaters in shape of machined rods and tubes. Heat is generated by passing high electric current through graphite heater. In order to achieve 3000 °C, highest quality of graphite with special designs shall be used for the heater.
However, induction heating graphite furnaces use a simple graphite tube or crucible as susceptor. In this technology, an alternating current deliver into a water cooled coil in order to generate electromagnetic field within the coil. The electromagnetic field produces eddy current in the susceptor positioned inside the coil. The eddy current will be converted into heat. CX-Induction manufactures induction furnaces with extreme temperatures upto 3000 °C.
Usually at temperature higher than 2200 °C, the lifetime of graphite heaters are very limited and they also are very brittle. Therefore, CX-Induction offers induction graphite furnaces with simple geometry compared to resistance heating furnaces, which considerabley reduce the spare parts and maitenance costs.