Question 5.About the use and function of 2500c blackbody furnace

All About 2500c Blackbody Furnace, Its Uses and Functionalities
The 2500c Blackbody furnace is used in research laboratories and industries involving high strength materials and pure graphite which we have discussed in detail in this content.
The 2500c Blackbody furnace is mainly used in the process of Graphitization or carbonization where the carbon content of carbon and low alloy steels breaks down due to long exposure to high temperature into graphite. It has other purposes like furnaces for storing fuel cells, creating radiation thermometry, etc. We will see all of them from scratch.
What does Blackbody mean in 2500c Blackbody Furnace?
‘Blackbody’ does not translate into having a black colored object. Instead, Blackbody is a substance or body that is able to absorb all the energy and has the ability to transmit it with zero loss. Every particle on earth absorbs and radiates energy. Zero loss emission is not yet achieved and still remains a hypothetical concept to date. But if you are confused about why these are called blackbody then, it is because they are close to being there with over 99 percent conversion between absorbed and radiated energy. The most common material used as a blackbody for practical uses like the 2500c blackbody furnace or various versions of graphite which yields about 0.995 emissivities.
What is a 2500c blackbody furnace?
The furnace that is made of blackbody material essentially is either used to break down the metal and used for other purposes like safely storing fuel cells to shield radiation. In blackbody furnace, the temperature is raised very high that the particles start emitting radiations and glow. After some point, they tend to break down into graphite falling on the outer lining of the 2500c blackbody furnace. If you have guessed the ‘2500c’ prefix is about the temperature, you are right. The minimum operational temperature for graphitization is around 1000c. These furnaces are high capacity industrial furnaces used mostly for graphite separation..
Where and who uses 2500c blackbody furnaces?
You cannot find the blackbody furnaces very common in industries. It is used for two main purposes, extraction of pure graphite and testing the strength of low steel alloys. Both of the purposes basically use the graphitization technique. The main sectors that adopt high capacity a 2500c Blackbody furnace are aerospace, military, and advanced material manufacturing companies. This kind of furnace can also be found in industries involving carbonization and carbide sintering process.
It can also be employed in a number of other processes and the uses are still being explored by many industries.